The Holistic Approach to Body Contouring and Cosmetic Services

Medspa 21 is a state of the art medical facility and spa featuring the latest technology and the tools needed for optimal health, wellness and beauty and is now conveniently located on Woodway Drive, across the street from the well known Second Baptist Church and just minutes away from the Houston Galleria and Uptown Shopping areas.  Barbara Marino, MD, FACOG is the medical director of Medspa 21 and is known to be a forerunner in seeking the latest advancements and technologies related to overall health, wellness and beauty.  She is a board certified surgeon who specializes in fat transfers, fat storage and the use of stem cells, commonly referred to as Regenerative Medicine.  She leads the Medspa 21 team to provide a complete approach to safe and effective body sculpting with weight management, hormonal evaluation, nutrition and nutritional supplement options and our newest featured services at  Intimate Health Solutions which include the services you need to enhance marital intimacy for both partners.

Dr. Marino is proud of her 93% satisfaction rate that was calculated based on all surgical procedures completed by Dr. Marino since 2011.  According to membership survey reviews by both AACS and AAPS, national average satisfaction rate of their members is 75-80% putting Dr. Marino in the upper tier of quality for surgeons performing aesthetic procedures.

Medspa 21 offers many premier non-invasive and minimally invasive services for our patients.  Hydra-facial is the number one facial treatment for upcoming brides!  Find out why here.

Our new  Endymed Pro provides the latest in cosmetic application radiofrequency machines.  Ideally suited as a viable alternative to liposuction, post-liposuction skin tightening and further fat reduction, cellulite treatment and the skin laxity issues of normal aging.  Patients notice immediate improvement and long term results all within the convenience of a short treatment.   The Endymed Intensif  adds radiofrequency to a novel micro-needling system and is far more effective than any other dermal pen on the market and our newest tool Vanquish also reduces fat by actual destruction of the fat cells.

Our Services include:

Brazilian Butt Lift                                                           Facial Fat Transfer

Fat Transfers                                                                  Hydrafacial

Skin Tightening                                                               No Incision Body Contouring

Cellulite Treatment                                                        Endymed PRO INTENSIF

Natural Breast Augmentation                                      Lip Enhancement

Air Sculpt Liposuction                                                    Peels and Facials

Smart Lipo                                                                       Silhouette Facial Threadlift

Tummy Tucks                                                                 Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation

Weight Loss and Fitness Programs                              Vampire Facial

Feminine Rejuvenation                                                   Restoring Manhood

At Medspa 21 we help you Look it. Feel it. 

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